The Company

Established in 1985, E.W. Moon, Inc. is an engineering and design firm that has completed multiple projects in both the public and private sector, including multifaceted municipal projects and infrastructure design.

We specialize in civil engineering, utility engineering, instrumentation and controls engineering and construction assistance services.

Our project portfolio includes public works, schools, transportation, airports, ports and harbors and water resources. The firm has completed projects for various clients, including the City and County of Los Angeles, clients throughout Southern California and the country.

E.W. Moon, Inc.’s highly qualified team of civil engineering and design professionals, includes registered civil engineers and designers and AutoCAD operators.

Our team has extensive experience in design services, preparing civil engineering plans, specification, as well as processing plans through regulatory agencies for permits.

Founded by Elvin W. Moon, the firm maintains exceptional professional standards and our mission is to serve clients with the highest level of accuracy, commitment, honesty, integrity and dedication. We are fully qualified and prepared to meet your project needs, exceed expectations and resolve challenges. Our firm’s over three decades of experience has earned us a solid reputation for completing projects on schedule and within budget.

E. W. Moon, Inc. is a certified minority-owned and small business enterprise.

Message from the CEO

Meeting Today’s Challenges, We are Building For Tomorrow.

These words have especially significant meaning as we faced a global pandemic.

The staggering number of lives lost to the pandemic is overwhelming. We collectively endured its’ devastating ripple effects, including economic collapse. Businesses shuttered, livelihoods lost and once thriving companies struggling to stay operational.

Despite this, we stay hopeful and persevere. I am awestruck and inspired by the amazing healthcare professionals and everyday heroes who put themselves on the frontline of service to others. Additionally, the sense of community and coming together in the face of a shared crisis.

We here at E.W. Moon, Inc., found hope by staying focused and dedicated to our current and future clients. Superb service and client experience is our continued motivation for every project undertaking.

We value our clients and their satisfaction is always our goal. Our expert staff has an outstanding record of reliability when it comes to our product and deliverables.

We are proud of the long-term relationships we have developed with many of our clients and value those relationships. I have the pleasure of serving as a Commissioner on the Los Angeles County Planning Commission and a Member of the Board for the City of Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety Commission.

E.W. Moon, Inc. is honored to be your infrastructure group builder to meet your project needs.

Elvin W. Moon